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What is Panterzone?

Panterzone is an online marketplace that brings together the offerings of American retailers, service providers and lodging establishments with customers.

With people like you and me who want to buy regionally from suppliers rather than from giant corporations.


What is the goal of Panterzone?

Panterzone is intended to connect businesses and consumers in the local economy into a network. This may succeed in weakening the loyalty to online giants that threaten the existence of our domestic traders.

In this way, consumers become more aware of local businesses. This increases sales, promotes jobs and thus sustainably increases purchasing power.

With Panterzone many I's become a WE and together we can succeed in positively shaping America's future.


What makes Panterzone different from other platforms?

We have set ourselves the goal of creating a marketplace that can do more than the platforms that have existed up to now. Panterzone should not only serve retailers, but also service providers, hotels, guest houses etc. - no American company will be excluded. For this purpose, Panterzone offers the possibility for requests for quotes, since e.g. services can hardly be offered at a fixed price.

There is also the choice between shipping, pickup in the store and delivery by the retailer, there is also no binding to a specific shipping service provider.

As an additional plus point we see the function for job offers, which is integrated without additional costs.


What do we understand by regionality?

We are convinced that all the goods currently ordered from online giants or foreign online retailers would also be available from American retailers and that is what it is all about, it should be bought in America.

On Panterzone, the dealers can be located by a location search, so that purchases can be made directly in the immediate vicinity.


Why Panterzone, that doesn't sound particularly "American"?

The original Panterzone idea and website began in Austria.

In 2017 the working title was "Tirol Zone", we wanted to be a market place just for Tirol (Austria). However, we quickly realized that this could not work. We needed to think bigger, including all of Austria.  Since then, Panterzone websites have been developed for Italy and the United States, as well - always with the goal of focusing on local and regional ecommerce.

We chose the name Panterzone because an artificial word is always better indexed by Google than a word that has been around for years. Think about why Amazon, Zalando or even MediaMarkt are called what they are called. MediaMarkt could also be called Elektroshop, for example, but it would not be as effective as the artificial word and would not be remembered as strongly. Now you know why Panterzone and not e.g. Regional Online Shop. The dealers that are listed with us are then of course easier to find. There is also no similar word, so that if there is enough traffic on the website, even if there are spelling mistakes, Panterzone will be found. A single webshop will never have the potential to be a marketplace where many goods, services or even job ads are offered.

Example: If you enter e.g. sneakers at Google, Zalando and Amazon will appear immediately but no webshop of a retailer, at most Adidas or Nike, which can hardly be compared with our retailers.

With the name Panterzone and the marketplace we can achieve this - with regional suppliers all over America.



How does Panterzone work for sellers?

Every entrepreneur can register on Panterzone. Dealers, service providers and lodging establishments.

Directly after simple online registration you start selling. Without the necessary programming skills and especially without your own online store, you upload pictures or videos, write product or service descriptions, decide on definitive prices or requests for quotes, decide whether to ship, deliver or have the customer pick up. There are almost no limits to your different wishes!

With the help of a link, you can post your personal Panterzone store and your products in all social media, share them extensively and implement them into your own homepage to promote sales.


What can I offer/buy in Panterzone?

Everything that exists in America:

Products, services, vacation offers and job offers, except of course forbidden things.



Why should I participate in Panterzone as a trader, service provider or hotelier?

  • More favorable conditions than other marketplaces and booking platforms
  • No own online store necessary
  • Panterzone offers you online presence
  • You alone manage your products
  • Quote requests and customer contact is easy via the Panterzone message function
  • Advanced and fast marketplace
  • Job ads available
  • There is no limit to the number of products you post
  • You can choose whether you want to ship or deliver or whether the customer should pick up the goods from you
  • You can offer goods, services, vacation offers and job ads
  • We post your offered products etc. from time to time in the social media channels
  • A strong community, allied in one marketplace

What does Panterzone cost me as a seller?

Depending on your requirements there are different costs.  We use a simple, tiered subscription model which has levels depending on the number of listings you need. There is a  transaction fee of 10% per sale, which covers the costs of running the website, processing the payments and other administrative tasks.

Add-ons such as job listings and spotlight advertising are also available.  The current rate is $5 per job listing, and $5 per banner ad or spotlight ad.


Why is Panterzone not free for sellers?

The idea of Panterzone was born in 2017 and the development of the Panterzone marketplace platform began in 2018. A lot of time, at least 10,000 working hours and some money were invested.

We used only our private assets for this purpose, we did not receive any subsidies or other grants - your tax money was not used, as some other platform operators do. We are proud of that!

The operation of Panterzone results in permanent development costs as well as running costs like server rent, domain costs, transaction fees for payments etc. It is not possible for us to cover all these costs apart from the time we invest, so Panterzone is not free of charge.


Can I connect my existing online store?

No, this is not possible. We want a platform on which many products are offered together and not on separate stores, because only together we are strong!

If you already have your own online store, but you can export the data and send it to us, then we can enter it collectively for you and you have only minimal effort.


I have many products, do I have to enter each one separately?

No, of course you don't have to! You are welcome to send us an Excel list or an export of your merchandise management program, and we will then enter your products collectively.



Buyer on Panterzone?

If you want to shop on Panterzone, you only have to register, and you can start. Panterzone has only been available since November, so the variety of products is of course not yet as large as some online giants, but that's what we want it to be!



Why buy and sell in the Panterzone marketplace?

When you buy on Panterzone, you will not only support us in driving the development forward, but also all the American retailers, service providers, hosts and maybe even yourself, because this will secure and create new jobs and strengthen our country!

If you sell in the Panterzone marketplace, then you have taken the right step. The future will be digital and it will happen online - and you will be part of it!

Buy American, Buy Local - and do it conveniently online! 
Together we can make our economy strong and bring back the American Dream for all Americans!


Why now, of all times? Does this have to do with COVID19?

No, not at all, Panterzone has already had a longer development period. If it had been completed earlier, this difficult time with COVID19 might have been different for our local dealers. Many businesses would be in much better shape now.  But we can still turn things around!

63% of the expenditure in online trade, that is billions of dollars, goes oversees to countries like China, and it is getting more every year! We have to stop this and we can only do it together if we all stand together.  United we stand!

We have to succeed in bringing as many retailers, service providers and hosts as possible to our marketplace, because then the range of products on offer will grow and American consumers will be able to buy their desired goods at home. Of course, without providers this project would not work and our efforts would be in vain. Imagine that these billions of dollars or at least a part of it would remain with the American retail trade? How many jobs could be created by this?


What else do we plan to do with Panterzone?

One thing is quite clear, our marketplace is far from finished! There will always be new ideas that will be implemented. We are always open for suggestions!

Already in development is our delivery concept with the corresponding app.  This will enable everyone to pick up goods ordered by someone else in the store, deliver them to the customer and earn money in the process. These "errands" can, for example, be done on the way home from work, which can considerably reduce the volume of traffic when fully accepted.

Let us surprise you!


Who is behind Panterzone?

Manuel Sparer and Michaela Rupprechter developed the idea of Panterzone in Austria in 2017. Together with their team, they developed the Panterzone marketplace as it is now.  In 2020, they partnered with SWAM International Italia to bring Panterzone to Italy and with Melissa Green to bring Panterzone to the United States.

It is a personal concern of all of us to support American companies, especially those not present online. They are the ones who provide jobs for our citizens and they can only do so if the turnover is right! That is why it is almost our duty to do something to ensure that it stays that way or improves. After all, without businesses there are no jobs, without jobs there is no money, and without money...? Everyone can answer this question for themselves.


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